Hey everybody,

I have been to the Bad Honnefer industry’s talks from the German Physicists Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft, DPG). One dealt with Galileo, the European global positioning system (GPS). The other one was focussed on Desertec. Desertec wants to bring photovoltaic to the desert.


Main partner of Galileo in Germany is the DLR, the German aeronautic and space agency. Germany is spending about 1.2 Billion Euro on this project. The system functions with four measurements, but theoretically three would be enough to a 3dim object like the surface of earth. A signal at the speed of light is sent, and the receiver measures the times the signal needs. Every signal has a timestamp and from the time the signal needs to the receiver and with the theory of relativity you can compute your position on earth.


It will be ready at 2019. The main gain will be that is more correct in Europe than GPS. GPS is mostly wrong with four or five metres. The Galileo project hopes to get the fault under one metre, so you can navigate ships in the harbour for example what is not possible yet.


The Russians have their own system ready and it is doing a great job especially in asia. For Galileo we are putting 30 satelites into a mid-orbit. These are soyus ones, for we don’t have any better. To correct errors there are stations on earth needed like with GPS. You determine the exact position of those stations and then you use a signal they send off. GPS and Galileo are not depending on thunderbolt and lightning, like satelite TV is.


Galileo is a European project but Norwegians and the Switzerland take part, too, because they are members of ESA, the European space agency. The frequency of the signal is in the area of Megahertz. But Galileo will be more correct than others because the Europeans have got the best watches. They use Rubinium together with Hydrogen for the atomic clocks. If things turn out well, we will have indoor navigation by Galileo. Indoor navigation is at least the next great thing together with smart house technology.


Another talk was about Desertec, powersupply from the desert. The referent was very kind. He begun with general thoughts. Energy is the key to fresh water. Hunger comes from war and poorness. So building power supplies in the desert would be essential for africa and other regions to get a better living and to calm war down. This idea came to the inventor of Desertec when the catastrophe in Tschernobyl was. He was a atomic researcher at that time and the nuclear melt down made him doubt his old job and thinking about new ways in power supply. It last about 23 years so the dream became true.


Former enviromental minister Trittin and a Shah from Jordania helped him with the financial business. Even Europe could profit from power supply in the sahara and other deserts. For 3000km charge can be transported with a loss of only 10 percent. After that it would be no longer reasonable. But if nothern africa supplies spain and spain http://espanaviagra.net/kamagra/ would supply us and other central European states then it would be a success. The photovoltaic power supply is safe, clean and sustainable.


The photovoltaic technique became more efficient by focussing the light to one photovoltaic receiver and by saving the power in salt towers. But the chinese is making the profit with cheap buildings. And politics is a show stopper in these regions. The young democracies after the dictatorships in the last century are not really reliable. Even spain is not interessted in cooperating well. After their economic crisis business is more important than solar power. Even they got their own solar power plants which they want to protect against cheap northern african energy.


But Desertec began to build some plants mainly in south america. And it is a success. The break even for the older plants is easily reached. So let’s hope that a boy dreams saves the world.


Sincerly yours