Hi everybody,

the absolute theory has been invited to a workshop at the Colombia University in New York. The annals of physic on behalf of Brian Greene, from which I have two books in my library, organized the workshop. The invitation has been a great honor to me, I cried for three hours constantly when I got it.

So I started organizing my trip to New York and everything went well, I got all the necessary papers. So Brian Greene, who is a great idol to me, moderated the workshop in the beginning. Then I listened to two very interesting lectures. One by a scientist of Princeton, the university of Albert Einstein, told us about Artificial Intelligence making its way to astronomy. So they detected dark matter in our milky way. They say it is coming from mergings of our milky way with other smaller galaxies. There is a dark matter stream within our milky way, they called Nyx stream. We can really be sure that there is a lot of big stuff coming from AI.

The second lecturer told us about the field theory of dark matter. The particle that provides the field is called Axions. Axions are supposed to mainly come from black holes. They decay to Gravitons, what was new to me. But decays we can watch very good in our colliders, so the lecturer proposed a collider that can measure Gravitons. On my question back, he confirmed that Axions belong to Hawking radiation, so they are supposed to be coming out of black holes.

After the second lecture I have been very tired and I left the workshop for lunch. They worked on till the late evening and there would have been a lecture by Erik van der Linde from Amsterdam University, I would really like to have listened to about new gravity theories, but I was too tired and full of new ideas.

On my last day I went to the office of SpringerNature to meet my friend Richard. I have taken a lot of breathtaking photos of Downtown Manhattan.

I would really thank my parents for the financial support. Also my pal Dami and my pal Grzegorz, who works for Covestro sponsored me.