Hi everybody,

I have been to another great event. Two Spacetweeps of mine had shared that there will be a TedX at Cern. Ted is a kind of event, where you have several speakers that have about 15 minutes time to explain their idea, their project and their dream. The X has something to do with copyright, it stands for independent.

So, a big dream of mine was to get to some event at Cern in 2014. And this TedX was my chance and got elected to take part. Sadly I didn’t see much of Cern itself except for a exhibition. In this exhibition there was the first webserver of the world exponated. Tim Berners-Lee created him at Cern long time ago and started the internet revolution with it. It’s funny that he had to pin a note at it, that it shouldn’t be switched off. Nowadays everyone knows that a server shouldn’t be turned off for whatever reason, but he had to explain it on the first one.

The TedXCern was hosted by Brian Cox, one of the worlds most famous physicist and a researcher at Cern. He made several BBC documentations and was at his time of studying a band member of some northern irish pop band. So you can imagine how good he was as presenting the show. He invited people that was very inspiring to him to have their chance at TedX to present their idea.

The focus of the show was on adapt, change and act. In the first part, the main topic was global warming. It is really a serious problem. In the last days, new measurements came from NASA that it really took back speed, after slowing down for one year. The main problem of the movement to prevent the global warming is that they have no famous scientists, as some female researcher pointed out. Everyone is concious of Al Gore’s warning, but there is no famous scientist who is the main contributor to society’s conciousness. So the resistance is still very great. Another problem is that there a many models for what will happen in the future. That leads to disinformation in the press. So new measurements can be called although there are extremly warning as worse than expected or as not as worse at exspected. That forms a distorsion in the public view. From my point of view the global warming is extremly dangerous. A major part of the ice at the north pole already melted away, given a lot of water to the world wide eco system. Unfornately ice melts at 5 degrees Celsius but freezes again only at 0 dregrees Celsius. So we would have to decrease the global temperature by 5 degrees to get this main part of the north pole to freeze again. There’s certainly a barrier that we sadly moved over.

Another female researcher that is a consultant of the american government made fun but complained about the american politicians. She told a story from some congress member who really said that we don’t need satelites to surveil the earth, because we have google earth and that would be enough. Of course Google earth is made out of pictures from satelites, so that without satelites we wouldn’t have google earth. I hope my readers are that intelligent, that I wouldn’t have had the need to point this out.

The first  part was about biology and genetics, too. We hade a spanish female researcher that is about to get a cure for cancer. The major theoretical breakthrough is made. We realized that cancer cells are liitle bit softer than normal cells. So we can build nano tubes which uses like a water drop surface tension to connect with the softer cells and that inject some poison so the softer cancer cells die. So in ten or twenty years we only get a vaccination once a year that kills all cancer cells in our body. This woman is really huge, we all gotta bow before her.

In the second part the show was more about physic and space, the things I am more interessted in. We had that Indian man that explained who India is still into nuclear fission. We Germans stopped after the terrible accidents at Fukushima, India is still in need of major energy suppliance by nuclear fission for their great economic growth. He said that they have destroyed the danger of a nuclear melt down. That is the worst fear, what could happen with fission power plants. And it is was happened at Tschernobyl and Fukushima. They simply let the core melt, but got this under control. So they can produce a lot of energy and because there is no possibility for a melt down and a major inccrease of energy in a explosion, these plants are really safe.

We also had some female researcher from arabia who was the first female person in the scientific commitee of saudi arabia. She had really a great aura and very waked up eyes. She is now a advisor for the UN and is telling the Europeans about culture and to believe in scientists and put down some of the sceptism that we have in Europe. She told about some guy from portugal who has build a self-driving car that needs no fuel, by using earth’s magnetic field. This will be a major breakthrough, too. And the saudi arabian culture is to believe first the person and then ask some questions, and not to first disbelieve. We should take in this times now with human knowledge majorly increasing by internet and wikipedia some of the true faith of the saudi arabians. Also there was that researcher that played a minor role in “Good will hunting” a screenplay with Matt Damon and Robin Williams about a highly gifted young mathematician that comes from a poor family. He also wrote a monologue for the film. He is now doing teaching science and is investigating how to bring math to as much as possible children without demotivating them. He wrote a book “The end of ignorance” that will be surely one of my next books to read. There was a short film about a experiment a CERN, too. I was really eager on this film, but was a little disappointed. It our old theory antimatter falls down just as matter. About two years ago the ISS measured some highly positron rays coming out of lightning clouds. So the scientific community and CERN is asking whether antimatter could be antigravitativ although having a positive mass. So CERN is doing an experiment by letting Antihydrogen falling out of some plane to measure it and to falsify or to proove the new idea. But the film ended before the result, so I think this experiment is still on going.

In the third part, it was about people who really act. There was this guy from camerun who made by technologies already known a major breakthrough in his homecountry for the medical care. Because in Africa many people are living in villages far away from the cities the medical care really has problems. He invented a simple heartbeat measurement system that transfers the data to the doc by internet. All known technologies but a real help for people in camerun and in africa. Some other guy build up a system for the rain forest. Although it is nowadays forbidden to axe down trees in the rain forests greedy criminals are still doing this. And although there are police men watching over the rain forest, they don’t get any criminal. So he developed an app for smartphones that hears very silent noises from kilometers far away and recognize them at sounds of cutting down trees, so the police men will be alarmed. That is a great idea to make it by sound. My idea would ve to expand this idea. You can use this in Europe to detect people who are hunting animals illegaly. And maybe sometime every neighbour of you can have a app on his smartphone that detects burglars, that intrude to your house making some special finger print of noise. That would be great.

And then of course there was the real star of the evening. A 14 year old british boy that build a fusion reactor in his garage when he was thirteen. He simply acted. He borrowed two thousands pounds from his teacher, who luckily helped him. He told a lot of people thinking he is crazy to build a nuclear fusion plant in his garage at the age of thirteen. He had of course the police coming to his house asking what a thirteed year old boy is in need of twenty litres of deuterium gase. He really presented well and we really hope that he will one of the next great scientists. And he really get his nuclear fusion working in the farage 🙂

Sorry to everyone of the speakers I forgot. I wrote it all down from memory. But as you see from the length of the text, there is really much in my memory from this TedX. Next year there will be surely another one, so encourage everyone to apply for a seat.

At last every spectator had the chance to write down his idea on a little paper boat, that was part of a presentation in the party hall. I wrote down my Weltformel E = 4 * Pi kg / C * g, which means that electrical field strenght and gravity accelaration are equivalent on earth’s surface. You can conduct this from the laws of Newton and Coloumb. And indeed, the gravity acceleration is nearly ten and electrical field strength is a bout 124 on earth surface which gives the 4 Pi. Let’s see whether my boat reaches the right shore.

Yours sincerly

Till Meyenburg